Replace the NEC VT59EDU projector lamp

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This D.I.Y guide teaches you how to replace the NEC VT59EDU projector lamp

Warning signs

Your NEC VT59EDU projector uses the NEC VT80LP projector lamp. When the NEC VT59EDU projector lamp has reached end of life, the LAMP indicator will begin to blink red .

You can expect between 2000 to 3000 hours of lamp life. When your After your NEC VT59EDU projector lamp is reaching end of life your LAMP INDICATOR light will blink red. There will also be an onscreen message that shows up: LAMP HAS REACHED THE END OF ITS USABLE LIFE. PLEASE REPLACE THE LAMP AND FILTER.

If you wait too long to replace the NEC VT80LP the projector will go into standby mode. When this happens, press the HELP button on the remote for 10 seconds to reset the lamp timer back to zero.

Go with authentic

Always invest in a genuine NEC VT80LP in order to keep your NEC VT59EDU projector working. Your original manufacturer (OEM) has created these lamps to fit your NEC VT59EDU projector and keep the sophisticated components working properly. While generic lamps may be sold at discount prices, their inferior workmanship and cheap materials often result in damage to the interior of projectors. They are also prone to explosions which can release toxic heavy metals into the air as well as damage your projector beyond repair. Read more about the 7 Ways to Spot a Counterfeit Lamp.

Find this lamp sold on Amazon sold by these authorized dealers:

Installing the NEC VT59EDU lamp

NOTE: Follow these important safety instructions before installation of the new lamp:

  • turn off the projector.
  • unplug the projector from its power source.
  • unplug the power cable.
  • wait until the projector is cool to the touch to avoid getting burned. This can take up to one hour.

NEC-VT59EDU_projector_NEC-VT59EDU_Prepare_projector_lamp_cover1. The lamp cover is located on the bottom of the projector. Turn it over onto a soft surface.  Loosen the lamp screw.

2. Push and slide the cover off and then up toe remove it from the NEC VT59EDU projector.
NEC-VT59EDU_projector_NEC-VT59EDU_Remove_projector_lamp3. Loosen the two screws holding the NEC VT80LP housing.
NOTE: Your old NEC VT80LP lamp should be properly recycled. These lamps contain mercury so can’t go into regular garbage.
4. Grab the lamp by the side indents and gently lift it up.
NEC-VT59EDU_projector_NEC-VT59EDU_install_new_projector_lamp5. Gently push the lamp into the projector. Tighten the two screws.
NEC-VT59EDU_projector_NEC-VT59EDU_Install_projector_lamp_cover6. Re-attach the lamp cover by sliding the cover back on until it snaps into place. Tighten the screw on the cover.

Resetting the lamp timer

Once the NEC VT80LP projector lamp has been replaced, you’ll need to reset the lamp timer. Failure to do so will make the projector shut down.

NEC-VT59EDU_projector_NEC-VT59EDU_projector_lamp_hoursReset the lamp timer:

  • Using the remote control, click the MENU option.
  • Move to RESET menu.
  • Move down to CLEAR LAMP HOURS.
  • A second submenu will appear. Select YES.
  • Press the ENTER button. Lamp life will be returned to zero.

Extending the life of the NEC NP17LP lamp

Get your newly installed NEC VT80LP projector lamp to last longer by using the ECO option. The ECO MODE increases lamp life by lowering the power consumptions. There are three modes to choose from:

  • OFF: Default setting for 100% brightness
  • Auto ECO: Lamp power consumption is controlled by the projects and will change between OFF and ECO1 automatically according to the picture.
  • ECO1: Lamp consumption set at 75%

Learn more tips to extend the life of the NEC VT80LP lamp. 

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