Replacing the Optoma TX779P-3D projector lamp

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Optoma_TX779P-3DP_projector_Optoma_BL-FS300C_lampWhen it’s time for a new Optoma TX779P-3D projector lamp, our step-by-step guide is here to help.

Scroll down for an important message about counterfeit lamps!

Optoma_TX779P-3D_projector_Optoma_BL-FS300C _lampEnd of life warnings

When the Optoma TX779P-3D is reaching end of life a warning message will appear on screen. Change the projector lamp immediately. Other warning signs include a poor picture, distorted color or a dim light.

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Replace the Optoma TX779P-3D projector lamp

Your Optoma TX779P-3D projector uses the Optoma BL-FS300C projector lamp. Follow these safety steps BEFORE installing the new projector lamp.

  • Switch off the power to the projector by pressing the Power/Standby button.
  • Allow the projector to cool down for at least 30 minutes. If should be cool to the touch. These projectors run using high temperatures and you can burn yourself badly if you don’t allow the projector to cool down.
  • Disconnect the power cord.

Optoma_TX779P-3D_projector_Optoma_BL-FS300C _remove_lamp_cover_buttonRemove tOptoma_TX779P-3D_projector_Optoma_BL-FS300C _Remove_lamp_coverhe protective cover covering the projector lamp screw.
Using a screwdriver, remove the screws holding the cover in place.
a_BL-FS300C _lamp_cover
Push the cover up to remove it.
Optoma_TX779P-3D_projector_remove_Optoma_BL-FS300C _projector_lamp_screws
Use a screwdriver to remove the two screws holding the projector lamp Optoma_TX779P-3D_projector_replace_Optoma_BL-FS300C _projector_lampin place.
Slowly put out the old Optoma BL-FS300C projector lamp. Be careful not to bang the lamp against the projector as this may case the bulb to break. Learn what to do if the lamp has exploded inside the projector.
Note: The Optoma BL-FS300C contains mercury and should not be put in regular garbage. Recycle this lamp. Place the new Optoma BL-FS300C projector lamp into the Optoma TX779P-3D projector. Tighten the three screws on the lamp. Replace the lamp cover and tighten its two screws. You must now reset the Lamp Replacement Timer.

Reset the lamp timing on the Optoma TX779P-3D

  • Turn on the projector
  • Press the MENU option on either the remote or on the projector.
  • Scroll down to SYSTEM
  • Scroll over the LAMP SETTING. Press ENTER.
  • Select LAMP RESET. Press ENTER.
  • Select YES.

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