How replace the Viewsonic PJD5211 projector lamp

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ViewSonic_PJD5211_projector_RLC-055_Projector_lampThis helpful guide shows you how to replace the Viewsonic PJD5231 projector lamp.

Authentic lamps are critical!

Your Viewsonic PJD5211 needs an authentic Viewsonic RLC-055 projector lamp installed in order to keep working.  It doesn’t make sense to buy a cheap, counterfeit lamp and run the risk of damaging the expensive electronics inside your projector.  An OEM Viewsonic PJD5211 projector lamp guarantees you’re getting the best products. Keep reading for the 6 reasons to avoid generics.  Learn how to spot the copycat lamps posing as authentic lamps.

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Replacement Warnings

When it’s time to replace the Viewsonic PJD5211 projector, you’ll notice the Power LED lamp light becomes a bright blue and Lamp LED becomes bright red. A series of warning message will start showing on screen.
1st warning: The lamp has been in operation for 3500 hours. Install a new lamp for optimal performance. If the projector is normally run with Economic selected you may continue to operate the projector until the 3950 hour lamp warning appears.
2nd warning: The lamp has been in operation for 3950 hours. A new Viewsonic RLC-055 projector lamp should be installed so the projector doesn’t run out of lamp time.
3rd warning: The lamp has been in operation for 4000 hours. Replace it immediately especially if you notice diminished light and poor picture quality.
Final warning:  The lamp MUST be replaced before the projector will operate normally.

Installing the Viewsonic RLC-055 lamp

ViewSonic_PJD5231_projector_replace_RLC-049-Projector-LampBefore replacing the Viewsonic RLC-055 projector lamp follow these crucial safety tips to prevent injury to yourself or the projector:

  • NEVER change the lamp unless the Viewsonic PJD5211 projector is cool to the touch. The PJD5211 operates under extremely high temperatures and you can burn yourself quite badly.
  • Switch off the power to the Viewsonic PJD5211 projector.
  • Disconnect the power cord.

Use a screwdriver to undo the screw holding the lamp cover in place. Remove the lamp cover, being careful not to lose the screws.
Slide the lid — slowly — off the projector. and place to one side. Don’t lose the lid because the Viewsonic PJD5131 projector will not turn back if the lamp cover hasn’t been installed properly.
Remove the two screws holding the Viewsonic RLC-055 projector lamp in place.
Note: The used Viewsonic RLC-055 proejctor lamp contains mercury and should be properly recycled. Don’t throw it into regular garbage.
Pull out the lamp connector from a slot in the lamp compartment. Disconnect it
Grab the Viewsonic RLC-055 projector lamp by the wire handle and slowly pull it out of the projector. Be careful not to bang the lamp against the projector as this may case the bulb to break.
Learn what to do if the lamp has exploded inside the projector.

  • Insert the new lamp into the lamp compartment and make sure it fits in the projector. Reconnect the lamp connector and place it back into its slot to be flush with the projector
  • Taking care not to touch the actual bulb, lift up the handle on the new lamp and insert it gently into the Viewsonic PJD5211 projector.
  • Tighten the two screws on the lamp.
  • Replace the lamp cover and tighten its two screws. Reset the lamp timer.

Reset the Lamp Replacement Timer

The Viewsonic PJD5211 projector has an automatic lamp timer that tracks the numbers of hours left in the lamp. Each time you install a new lamp, you’ll need to to reset the lamp timer to know how many hours are left and when to change the bulb.
To reset the Lamp Replacement Timer:

  • After the startup logo, open the On-Screen Display (OSD) menu.
  • Go to the SYSTEM SETUP: Advanced Lamp Settings menu.
  • Press MODE/ENTER to display the Lamp Settings page.
  • Press to highlight Reset option.
  • Press MODE/ENTER.
  • A warning message is displayed asking if you want to reset the lamp timer.
  • Highlight the Reset option
  • The lamp time will be reset to ‘0’.

Extend the life of the Viewsonic RLC-055 projector lamp by setting the Viewsonic PJD5211 to Eco Mode. This lowers the brightness of the projector and makes the lamp last longer. Read about other tips for extending the lamp life in your Viewsonic PJD5231.
6 reasons to avoid generic lamps:

Look for the seal of approval that lets you know you are buying an authentic projector lamp.

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