Panasonic PT-61LCX70 61 inch Rear Projection

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The Panasonic PT-61LCX70 is a rear projection television set which uses the LCD technology and has a 61 inch screen size. This set uses the LIFI (LIght FIdelity) light sources but features a 720p rather than 1080p which is a slight drawback. The set is comparable to most of the sets having a 56” screen size with 1080p resolution but offers atleast 5 additional inches of diagonal screen size. In most cases while buying an HDTV, it is important to strike a balance between the size, price and resolution of the set. This is where the Panasonic PT-61LCX70 opens up a few options.

The best thing about the use of the LIFI technology is that the light source has a very long life and may not even need changed. For that matter electrodes are not even used in the lamp so you will not have to worry about diminished picture quality over time. The picture should be equally bright even when you turn on the set after 20000 hours of use. The set also heats up really quickly which means that you should be watching TV as soon as you turn it on. The set gives extremely rich colors which are also very real and natural.

The internal speakers fitted at the bottom of the screen offer a total output of 20 watts. The set is not stinky with connections either and offers plenty of choices for you to attach your devices to.

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