Replacing the Christie DS+65 projector lamp

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Christie_DS+65_projector_Christie_003-000884-01_replacement_projector_lampConsult our handy guide to install a new projector lamp in your Christie DS+65 projector.

The importance of an authentic projector lamp

The best way to keep your Christie DS+65 projector working properly is to always install an authentic replacement projector lamp. You may be tempted to buy a generic lamp sold at discount prices. These projector lamps actually cost more since the have a much shorter life and are prone to explosions. There are health and safety concerns as well, since these lamps have been created with carcinogenic, toxic substitutes. Installing a generic Christie DS+65 projector lamp voids your warranty.

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Christie DS+65 projector lamp end of life warnings

Christie_DS+65_projector_Christie_003-000884-01_reset_projector_lamp_timerYour Christie DS+65 projector uses two the Christie 003-000884-01 projector lamp. When it has reached the LAMP indicator on the projector will light red. Replace the projector lamp immediately when you see this. Other warning signs may be a dim picture, colour that appears washed and a image that is fading.

Replacing the projector lamp

The Christie DS+65 projector is fitted with two individual projection lamps. Using the Lamp Sub-Menu, you can select a dual or single lamp mode. The lamps can also be replaced separately as needed. Eco-mode reducing the power for longer lamp life.
Before changing the projector lamp:

  • Allow the Christie DS+65 projector to cool down for at least 45 minutes. This projector operates at an extremely high temperature and you can get burned. Don’t rush it.
  • Unplug the electrical cord so there is no chance the projector could get turned on during the installation. This could damage your projector and also give you a shock.

To replace the projector lamp:

  • Loosen the two screws on the Christie DS+65 lamp cover. Open the cover
  • Loosen the three screws on Lamp 1 andpull out the used Christie 003-000884-01 projector lamp assembly by using the built in handle.
  • NOTE: The used Christie 003-000884-01 projector lamp contains mercury and should be properly recycled. Don’t throw it into regular garbage.
  • Pulling too quickly can cause the bulb to shatter. Learn what to do if the lamp breaks.
  • Replace the lamp assembly with a new Christie 003-000884-01. Be careful not to touch the actual bulb as oil from your fingers can leave black marks on the lamp. If you are replacing only one lamp, be sure not to touch the remaining lamp
  • Tighten the three screws on the replacement lamp.
  • Put back the lamp cover and tighten its two screws.
  • Connect the AC power cord to the Christie DS+65 and turn on the projector to reset the lamp timer.

Tips for longer projector lamp life:

  • Avoid frequent on and offs to avoid power surges.
  • Don’t let the projector overheat as this puts stress on the lamp. Make sure there is enough airflow around the projector particularly if it’s been permanently mounted.
  • Let the projector stand unused for at least one hour ever 24 hours. An average use of four to five hours per day will ensure longer lamp life.
  • Keep the air filters clean and free of dust so it can do its job and keep the projector lamp for overheating.
  • Eco mode reduces lamp brightness while extending the lamp life.
  • Learn more with Top tips for extending projector lamp life.

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