Changing the lamp in the NEC NP M271W projector

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NEC_np-m271x_NEC_NP15LPFollow our guide to change the NEC NP M271W projector lamp when it has reached end of life.

When the NEC NP M271W projector lamp has reached its end of life, the LAMP INDICATOR will blink red. Shortly afterwards message LAMP HAS REACHED THE END OF ITS USABLE LIFE. PLEASE REPLACE THE LAMP AND FILTER will appear on the screen.

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Changing the NEC NP15LP lamp

Follow these important safety instructions before installing the new lamp

  • turn off the NEC NP M271W projector.
  • unplug the projector from its power source.
  • unplug the power cable.
  • wait until the projector is cool to the touch to avoid getting burned.

NEC_NP M271W_NEC_NP16LP_remove_lamp_screwLoosen the NEC NP M271W lamp cover screw.
NEC_NP M271W_NEC_NP16LP_remove_lamp_cover
Push and slide the lamp cover off.
NEC_NP M271W_remove_NEC_NP16LP_lamp_screws
Loosen the two screws holding the NEC NP15LP lamp in place. (The screws will not come out only loosen.)
NEC_NP M271X_remove_NEC_NP16LP_lamp
Remove the lamp by holding the indent and pulling up.
NOTE: Your NEC NP15LP lamp should be properly recycled. These lamps contain mercury and can’t be placed into conventional garbage.
NEC_NP M271X_install_new_NEC_NP16LP_lampInstall a new lamp housing into the NP M271W projector, gently pressing the lamp housing into the socket. Take care not to touch the actual bulb as your finger prints can leave oil marks that burn black marks onto the bulb.
NEC_NP M271W_tighten_NEC_NP16LP_lamp_screws
Push the top center on the lamp to secure it. Tighten the screw on the lamp.
NEC_NP M271W_replace_lamp_cover_NEC_NP16LP
Reattach the NEC NP M271W lamp cover by sliding the cover until it snaps into place. Tighten the screw on the lamp cover.

Replacing the filters

There are four filters in the NEC NP M271W projector:

  • Honeycomb hard filter – large and small
  • Accordion soft filter — large and small

Replace all four filters at the same time. Before replacing the filters wipe off any dust and dirt that came loose from the old filters. NOTE: The filters are made with two different types of material in the membrane. Both perform the same.
NEC_NP M271W_NEC_NP16LP_remove_air_filterPush the catch to release the filter and gently pull it out.
NEC_NP M271W_NEC_NP16LP_detach_filter_cover
The filter cover is fixed at six separate points in the projector. Bow the filter cover by pushing it slightly until it releases.
NEC NP M271X_NEC_NP16LP_replace_dark_filtersRemove the dark sponge filter and clean the filter unit and cover. Attach the new non-woven white material filters.
NEC_NP M271W_NEC_NP16LP_replace_four_filters

  • Filter unit: Attach two honeycomb hard filters to the NEC NP-M271W filter unit.
  • Filter cover: Attach the two accordion soft filters to the filter cover. Be sure to align the accordion slits with the protrusions of the filter cover,

NEC_NP M271W_NEC_NP16LP_attach_filter_cover
Attach the filter cover back to the filter unit. Align the filter until with the filter cover and push the protrusions into place.
Make sure all the six mounting points are aligned properly.
NEC_NP M271W_NEC_NP16LP_attach_filter
Insert the two catches of the top of the filter into the groove of the cabinet.
Push the filter until it clicks into place.

Reset the lamp timer

Once the NEC NP15LP lamp and NEC NP M271W filter have both been replaced you will need to reset the timer for both. You want the projector to be able to accurately track the lamp life.

NEC_NP M271W_NEC_NP16LP_lamp_timerClear usage hours and reset hours

  • Plug in the power cored into the wall outlet.
  • Turn on the projector.
  • From the MENU select RESET.
  • A confirmation message appears.
  • Select YES.

Reset the filter hours:

  • Scroll up to CLEAR Filter HOURS.
  • A second submenu will appear.
  • Select YES. Press the ENTER button.

Extending the life of the NEC NP15LP lamp

Get your newly installed NEC NP15LP lamp will last longer by choosing the ECO option. The ECO MODE increases lamp life by lowering the power consumption. There are three modes to choose from on the NEC NP M271W projector:

  • Auto Mode: 4000 hours
  • Normal: 5000 hours
  • Eco ModeL 8000 hours

Learn more tips to extend the life of the NEC NP15LP lamp lamp.

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