RPTV Troubleshooting: TV won't turn on

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RPTV troubleshooting guide -- TV won't turn onHaving trouble getting a picture with your RPTV? Before paying a service technician, review these rear-projection TV troubleshooting suggestions.

1. Check your connections. A loose power cable can trigger the sensor on the back cover and prevent the DLP set from turning on.  Check the power cable, the wall connection and the back cover to make sure they are secure.
2. Check your lamp. Your RPTV will have warning lights to let you know your lamp is coming to the end of it’s cycle and needs to be replaced. Your manual will show you what the lights mean. Check the lamp to make sure the bulb is still working and that the lamp has been properly installed. If you need to replace the lamp be sure to buy a genuine OEM lamp that will fire properly. Avoid generic lamps.
3. Check your temperature. Rear-projection TVs will shut off automatically if they overheat. Make sure the TV is not too close to the wall—you need airflow around the entire set. Check that the ventilation ports are free of dust or debris. Room temperature should be close to 72 degrees. A hot room will make the RPTV overheat and switch off.
4. Check for the click. The ballast is the component that ignites the lamp with a blast of energy. You should here a clicking noise when the ballast is jump-starting the lamp. No clicking means no power to the ballast. You may also hear repeated rapid clicking from the ballast with no results indicating the ballast can’t start up the lamp or the ballast may light up the lamp only intermittently. Both of these conditions mean it’s time to replace the lamp. However, if you have recently replaced the lamp then you may need a new ballast.  Consult your owner’s manual for more information.

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