How to replace your Sanyo PLC-XL40 projector lamp

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Sanyo PLC-XL40, Sanyo POA-LMP90 (service part no 610 323 0726)

Sanyo PLC-XL40

When the yellow light is blinking on the Sanyo PLC-XL40 projector, it’s time to replace the projector lamp.
Be sure to use buy an authentic Sanyo POA-LMP90 (service part no 610 323 0726) Sanyo projector lamp bought from a verified source. These genuine lamps have been specifically manufactured to meet the specifications of the Sanyo PLC-XL40 projector.
Resist the temptation to buy a cheaper POA-LMP90 as these are often counterfeit models that can damage the sensitive mechanisms in your Sanyo PLC-XL40 projector.

Sanyo_Video_Lamp_ReplacFor additional savings and an enviro-friendly option, you can just replace the Sanyo POA-LMP90 (service part no 610 323 0726) bulb and re-use the lamp cage. Learn how in our video guide: Sanyo POA-LMP90 replacement lamp housing guide.

Before installation

  • Turn off the projector and unplug the AC cord.
  • Allow the Sanyo PLCXL40 projector to cool for one hour – it should be cool to the touch. Inside of the projector can be very hot since these machines operator under high temperatures.

Replacing the Sanyo POA-LMP90 (610 323 0726) Lamp Assembly

Caution: Don’t touch the screen or the actual bulb with your finger since the oil from your skin can cause a black spot on the bulb.
Sanyo PLC-XL40 lamp cover, Sanyo POA-LMP106 service part no 610 332 38551. Underneath the Sanyo PLC-XL40 projector you’ll find the Lamp Hazard cover. Gently turn it upside down protecting the top of the project.Using a Philips screwdriver loosen the screw holding the cover in place. Put the cover to one side.
2. Remove the two screws on either side of each the POA-LMP90 (610- 323-0726) projector lamp. Grab the handle on the lamp cage and gently lift out the lamp. Place to one side. Don’t throw this lamp into the regular garbage as it contains mercury — send it to a local recycling program where it can be disposed of properly.
3. Take the new Sanyo POA-LMP90 (service part no 610 323 0726) lamp cage by the handle and gently maneuver it into place.
Sanyo PLC-XL40 lamp assembly, Sanyo POA-LMP90-610 323 07264. Avoid touching the glass or the bulb. The lamp should slide in easily – don’t force it. Once the lamp is in, tighten the screws on the Lamp Assembly.
5. Replace the Lamp Hazard Cover and tighten screws.
6. Re-connect the power cord and turn on the Sanyo PLC-XL40 projector.

Reset Sanyo PLC-XL40 Lamp Replacement Counter

Reset the Lamp Replacement Counter only when the Sanyo POA-LMP90 (610- 323-0726) lamp has been replaced.
Do not operate the projectors while any of the lamps are removed as this may result in malfunctions, fire hazard and other accidents. Sanyo PLC-XL40 lamp reset counter, Sanyo POA-LMP90 service par no 610 323 0726

  • Turn the Sanyo PLC-XL40 projector on.
  • Press the Menu option to display the On-Screen Menu.
  • Press Point left/right button(s) to move a red frame poster to Setting Menu icon.
  • Press the black arrow point button to move the red framed pointer to the Setting Menu Icon.
  • Press Point Down button to move the red frame pointer to Lamp counter reset.
  • Press the Select button. Sanyo PLC-XL40 lamp reset counter, Sanyo POA-LMP90 service part no 610 323 0726
  • Another confirmation dialog box appears, select YES.
  • The Lamp box will disappear and the Lamp Replace Dialog box appears.
  • Select YES to reset Lamp Replace Counter.

NOTE: When you reset the Lamp Replace Counter the Lamp Replace indicator stops lighting.
Cleaning the air filter regularly will prolong the life of the Sanyo POA-LMP90 (610- 323-0726) lamp.

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