Samsung DLP Won't Turn On & Customer Service Doesn't Respond

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Edit: This is a post by a consumer and reader.

September 21, 2008

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am writing this letter because I have some time while I wait for my Samsung HL-R4266W DLP TV to start working again. On random days (usually two days out of seven) your product just doesn’t work. Well actually the projection lamp does turn on, but there is no picture and no sound. After waiting about 30 minutes sometimes the unit will then turn on correctly. Other times I pull the plug and wait and it sometimes comes on.

The indicator lights are of no help to diagnose this intermittent problem.

On September 1, 2008 I spoke with the 800 726 7864 customer service line. After about 30 minutes of being passed around I have Trans # and the advice to call Mort’s TV a Samsung authorized service center. On September 15th, the customer service line finally admitted that their only function was to get the TV connected. They can’t and don’t help diagnose problems.

Mort’s TV was somewhat helpful. They indicated that we should not bring the set in until it was failing a majority of the time, as they can’t diagnose a two out of seven problem. Oh, and the bench charge is a minimum of $100 plus the unknown price of parts and labor to be determined.

So bottom line I own one of your products that doesn’t turn on 2/7 of the time, that isn’t supported by the customer line and can’t be diagnosed by your authorized service center. That is NOT a recipe for me to purchase replacement or additional Samsung products in the future.

SO HERE IS WHAT I WANT. I’d like to speak with a technically savvy Samsung engineer familiar with the product who can interpret the various trouble lights and offer an opinion of what may be wrong and a hint of how and how much it may cost to repair.

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