JVC D-ILA TV Replacement "How-To" Guide – TS-CL110UAA TS-CL110U Bulb

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Replacing your JVC D-ILA Lamp is very simple. Only tools required:
Flathead screwdriver (remove your lamp enclosure)
Torx T-6 or comparable driver
That’s it!
(Click on pics for high resolution photos)
Once you have the enclosure out, it should look similar to this:
FixYourDLP.com JVC_TS-CL110UAA_w_Enclosure_Picture_1

Ok, first step is to unscrew these two screws circled in yellow:
FixYourDLP.com JVC_TS-CL110UAA_w_Enclosure_Picture_2
Once those two are out of the way, unscrew the four small torx (two on either side). Then you’re left with:
FixYourDLP.com JVC_TS-CL110UAA_w_Enclosure_Picture_3
Here are acouple more pictures:
FixYourDLP.com JVC_TS-CL110UAA_w_Enclosure_Picture_4
FixYourDLP.com JVC_TS-CL110UAA_w_Enclosure_Picture_5

Now that you have all the screws off, simply separate the two plastic pieces and pull out the old lamp
FixYourDLP.com JVC_TS-CL110UAA_w_Enclosure_Picture_6
FixYourDLP.com JVC_TS-CL110UAA_w_Enclosure_Picture_7
FixYourDLP.com JVC_TS-CL110UAA_w_Enclosure_Picture_8

Now it’s just a matter of replacing the old lamp for the new…reassemble in reverse order and enjoy!
IMPORTANT: The bulb should be handled with a clean cloth to avoid any dirt or oil. Our hands are naturally oily…this is a no-no for these lamps. It doesn’t hurt to do a final wipe with a clean, non-abrasive, lent free cloth before reinstalling your lamp.
If you’ve paid close attention to the pictures, you can see that this guide was created using a LTI (generic) lamp and enclosure. No worries, our lamps are all original. How can you tell me you’ve got an original lamp?
Here are a few more pics for reference: FixYourDLP.com JVC_TS-CL110UAA_w_Enclosure_Picture_9
FixYourDLP.com JVC_TS-CL110UAA_w_Enclosure_Picture_10
FixYourDLP.com JVC_TS-CL110UAA_w_Enclosure_Picture_11

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