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safety firstReview these important projector safety tips

Setting up your projector? Follow these important projector safety tips courtesy of Epson America.


Setting up

  • Be sure to place the projector on a stable surface. Avoid any unstable carts or tables.
  • Make sure the projector is level. Don’t operate while tilted on its side. Don’t tilt more than 30° forward or back.
  • Do not use the projector near water, near high heat, close to high voltage or magnetic fields.
  • Projectors side-by-side should have at least 2 feet (60 cm) of space between them for proper ventilation.
  • Never place the projector on a sofa, rug, loose papers or any other soft surface.
  • Never cover the projector with blankets, tablecloths or any other textiles.
  • Always have proper ventilation in closed-in cabinets so the projector doesn’t overheat.
  • Never place heavy objects on the projector.
  • Do not use where there is smoke, steam, corrosive gases, dust,
  • Do not use in hot locations or in direct sunlight or where there is exposure to sudden changes in temperature.
  • Do not use the projector outside of the required temperature range 41 to 95 °F (5 to 35 °C) at an altitude of 7500 feet (2286 m) or less, or 41 to 86 °F (5 to 30 °C) at a higher altitude.

Plugging in

electrical plugs

  • Use the correct power cord and power source as indicated on the projector model. Substitutes may result in fire or electric shock. If the power cord is missing contact your dealer. If you are using the projector outside the USA be sure to purchase the correct cord for the country, you are visiting.
  • Put the projector near a wall outlet where it can be plugged in easily. If you need to have a large extension cord make sure it is tapped down to avoid anyone tripping over the cord and pulling the projector with it. Don’t let the cord be walked on as this can cause fraying and damage to the plug.
  • Never hold the plug with wet hands.
  • Don’t insert the plug into a dusty socket as this can cause a power surge that can short circuit the projector.
  • Be sure to hold the plug when disconnecting and never pull the power cord to disconnect or turn the projector off.
  • Watch out for overloading wall outlets and extensions cords. You can cause electrical shock or make the extension cord over heat.



  • Always lower the volume before turning off the projector.
  • Do not look into the lens when the projector is on. The bright light can damage your eyes.
  • Avoid standing in front of the projector so the bright light does not shine into your eyes.
  • Do not bring your hands or face close to the vents while the projector is running.
  • Never allow objects of any kind to enter any openings in the projector.
  • Do not leave flammable objects on top or near the projector.
  • Never spill liquid of any kind into the projector.
  • Keep the ventilation slots on the projector case open to keep the projector fan working and prevent overheating.


caution sign

  • Install on the wall or ceiling using the mounting hardware designed for your model. Get a qualified technician to install your mounted projector.
  • When installing or adjusting a ceiling or wall mount never use adhesive to prevent the
  • screws from loosening. Avoid all oils or lubricants as they can make the projector case crack and fall from its mount injuring anyone underneath the projector.
  • Be sure to use the correct outlet for your country.
  • For wall mounts, leave at least 7.9 inches 7.9 inches (20 cm) of space between the wall and the air exhaust vent.



  • Unplug the projector from before cleaning or replacing the lamp.
  • Clean with a dry cloth. If there is a stubborn stain, then use a damp cloth.
  • Avoid any liquid or aerosol cleaners and in particular any sprays containing flammable gas, alcohol or benzine. This can damage the projector and cause a fire.



  • Clean the air filter and vent regularly. A blocked air filter and vent will cause the projector to overheat causing the lamp to explode.
  • Do not use canned air to clean the projector lens as the gas leaves a residue.
  • Never store the projector outdoors.
  • Except for changing the projector lamp, never remove covers as this can expose you to high heat and dangerous voltages. Call a service technician.
  • Never attempt to disassemble or modify the projector.
  • Never remove the lamp unless the projector is cool to the touch.
  • Never place the projector near an open flame.
  • Do not block the lens during projection with any object other than the lens cover. Books can catch on fire.
  • If the lamp breaks ventilate the room to prevent gases from the lamp being inhaled or coming in contact with your skin or eyes. Seek medical advice immediately if you do inhale any gases.
  • If the projector is mounted overhead and the lamp breaks, be careful to prevent pieces of glass from falling into your eyes or mouth when you open the lamp cover.

When to shut down


  • Unplug the projector immediately is there is a distinct change in performance or if there are any strange odors, noises or smoke coming from the projector.
  • Stop using the projector if:
    • the power cord is damaged or frayed.
    • liquid or objects have been inserted inside
    • if the power cord is damaged or frayed
    • if it’s been exposed to rain or water
    • if the projector has been dropped
    • if there are any damages to the projector’s housing.



  • Unplug the projector when it will not be used for extended periods.
  • Do store the projector where there is smoke, steam, corrosive gases, dust,
  • Do store the projector or remote control in a hot location or in direct sunlight or may be exposed to sudden changes in temperature.
  • Don’t leave in hot car.
  • Before you move the projector, make the power is turned off and the plug is disconnected from the outlet.
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