Replacing the Mitsubishi LVP-XL1U projector lamp

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Mitsubishi_projector_LVP-XL1UThis guide helps you replace the Mitsubishi LVP-XL1U projector lamp.

End of life warnings

When the Mitsubishi LVP-XL1U projector lamp has been used for 1,400 hours the message LAMP!! appears on screen on minute when the projector is turned on. When the lamp reaches 1,50o hours, the projector will shut off automatically until a new projector lamp has been installed. The power indicator will light up red.

Invest in authentic

Only a genuine Mitsubishi VLT-HC2LP lamps should be installed into your Mitsubishi LVP-XL1U projector. The OEM lamps have been manufactured to meet the specifications of the Mitsubishi LVP-XL1U projector.
The price of counterfeit knock-off lamps may be tempting but can cost you more money in the long run. Counterfeit lamps are  can damage the sensitive (and expensive) mechanisms in your projector. Other problems include:

Protect the life of your projector and invest in authentic.

Find this lamp sold on Amazon by the following authorized dealers:

Replacing the projector lamp

Follow these important safety tips before installing the new Mitsubishi VLT-HC2LP projector lamp:

  • Turn off the projector and unplug the AC cord.
  • The Mitsubishi LVP-XL1U projector should be cool to the touch before you replace the projector lamp. It usually takes one hour for the projector to fully cool since these projectors operate under high temperatures.
  • NOTE: Do not operate the projector while any of the lamps are removed as this may result in malfunctions and may be a fire hazard.

Caution: Avoid creating black spots on the projector lamp. Don’t touch the screen or the actual bulb with your finger or hands. Oil from your hands can damaged the lamp.
Mitsubishi_projector_LVP-XL1U_Mitsubishi_VLT-HC2LP_remove_lamp The lamp cover is found underneath the Sanyo LP-Z2 projector. Gently turn it upside, making sure to protect the top of the projector. Using a screwdriver loosen the screw holding the cover in place. Put the cover to one side.Mitsubishi_projector_LVP-XL1U_Mitsubishi_VLT-HC2LP_Install_projector_lamp
Inside will be the lamp projector cage. Remove the two screws on either side of the Mitsubishi VLT-HC2LP projector lamp. Grab the handle on the lamp cage and gently pull out the lamp. Place to one side. You’ll need to recycle the old lamp.
NOTE: The Mitsubishi VLT-HC2LP projector lamp contains mercury and should be recycled properly.

Gently maneuver it into place. Avoid touching the glass or the bulb. The lamp should slide in easily – don’t force it.

Mitsubishi_projector_LVP-XL1U_Mitsubishi_VLT-HC2LP_replace_coverOnce the lamp is in, tighten the screws on the Lamp Assembly.
Replace the Lamp Cover and tighten the screw.
Re-connect the power cord and turn on the Mitsubishi LVP-XL1U projector. You’ll need to reset the lamp replacement counter.

Resetting the Lamp Replacement counter

NOTE: Reset the Lamp Replacement Counter only when the projector lamp has been replaced. Otherwise the timer will not match the actual life left in the lamp.  Plug in the power cord, switch on the projector, and reset lamp time by pressing both arrow keys and POWER button simultaneously. This will reset the lamp timer back to zero.
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