Installing a new Vivitek D951HD projector lamp

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Vivitek_ D951HD_projector_Vivitek_5811116617-S_replacement_projector_lampThis how-to guide shows you how to install a new Vivitek D951HD projector lamp.

Watch your hours

The power LED will start flashing 5 times consecutively when the Vivitek D951HD projector lamp has reached end of life.  Other warning signs include a faded picture on screen or a image with strange colours. Check the lamp hours from the SETUP/Advanced Menu.

Replace the projector lamp

Your Vivitek D950HD projector uses the Vivitek 5811116617-S projector lamp. Be smart and invest in an Vivitek D951HD projector authentic lamp to avoid damaging the electronicsc inside your projector. Counterfeits also can’t be properly calibrated so your Vivitek D950HD projector will not work at its best.
Before changing the projector lamp do the following safety steps:

  • Reduce the risk of electrical shock by disconnecting the power cord on the Vivitek D951HD projector.
  • Reduce the risk of severe burns by allowing the projector to cool for at least 45 minutes.


  • Remove the two captive screw holding the lamp cover place.
  • Remove the lamp compartment cover


  • Insert the new Vivitek 5811116617-S projector lamp into the projector making sure it’s properly aligned.
  • Tighten the two screws.
  • Replace the projector lamp cover and tighten the screw.
  • Note: Be sure the lamp module is sitting securely in place and the lamp connector is connected properly before tightening the screws.
  • You are now ready to reset the lamp timer.

Resetting the Lamp Hour Timer

The Vivitek D951HD projector will not turn on unless the lamp timer has been reset when a new Vivitek 5811116617-S projector lamp has been installed into. To reset the lamp timer:

  • Go to the SETUP/Advanced Menu
  • Press the MENU button to open the On ScreenDisplay menu.
  • Press the left-right cursor button to move to the SETUP/Advanced Menu
  • Press the left-right cursor button to move to the LAMP MENU.
  • Press the MENU to reset the Lamp Hour after the lamp is replaced to reset the lamp hours to zero.

Extending the life of the Vivitek 5811116617-S projector lamp:

  • Keep your air filters clean to avoid overheating the projector.
  • Use the Lamp Power option on the Vivitek D951HD projector and set to Eco Mode to reduce the amount of power used but extend lamp life.
  • Learn more with Top tips for extending DLP projector lamp life.

Why invest in an authentic projector lamp?

Be sure the purchase an authentic projector lamp and avoid the temptation counterfeit lamps with their bargain prices. These lamps have been manufactured with toxic and dangerous substitutes. Bargain prices can’t compensate for a shorter lamp life. As well as being prone to explosions, counterfeits also can’t be properly calibrated to work with your Vivitek D951HD projector. You’ll also make your projector warranty void installing one. Go with authentic.


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