How to change the Infocus IN26 projector lamp

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Infocus IN26_projector_SP-LAMP-024_replacement_projector_lampReplace the Infocus IN26 projector lamp in 3 easy steps with this guide.

Step 1: Be prepared with an authentic lamp

The Internet has been flooded with cheaper generic lamps that appear to be a great bargain but you get what you pay for. Installing a generic lamp in your  InFocus IN26 projector may cause it to not work properly. When you purchase an authentic Infocus IN26 projector lamp, you’re guaranteed a lamp that has been manufactured with high quality parts and calibrated to your projector. Generics don’t offer the same performance. Scroll down to learn the 6 reasons to avoid generics.

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Step 2: Know the end of life warning signs

When it’s time to replace the InFocus IN26 projector lamp you may seen the following signs:

  • The projector image gets darker and starts to deteriorate.
  • The projector lamp flashes red.
  • The warning message REPLACE THE LAMP appears on screen.

Replace the InFocus SP-LAMP-024 immediately.

Installing the replacement projector lamp

Follow these important safety steps BEFORE installing the replacement

  • Turn off the InFocus IN26 projector and unplug the power cord.
  • To avoid getting burned, let the InFocus IN26 projector fully cool before changing the lamp.
  • Do not operate the projectors while any of the lamps are removed as this may result in malfunctions, fire hazard and other accidents.
  • Caution: Don’t touch the screen or the actual bulb with your finger since the oil from your skin can cause a black spot on the bulb.


  • Turn the projector upside down onto a soft surface.
  • Gently slide projector lamp cover out of its slot.Infocus-IN26_projector_Sanyo_SP-LAMP-024_replacement_projector_lamp
  • Using the screw driver to loosen the screw holding the InFocus SP-LAMP-024 in place.
  • Detach the lamp connector attaching the InFocus SP-LAMP-024 to the InFocus IN26 projector by pressing the locking tab on the connector and gently pulling.
  • Loosen the screw on the projector lamp to loosen the lamp.
  • Grab the InFocus SP-LAMP-024 lamp handle and carefully lift the lamp cage up.Pulling too quickly can cause the bulb to shatter. Learn what to do should the bulb break.
  • Install the new InFocus SP-LAMP-024 lamp housing and tighten the screw.
  • Connect the connection wire from the lamp to the projector
  • Slide the lamp door back in place, making sure it is aligned so it clicks into place.
  • You are ready to reset the lamp hours.

NOTE: The InFocus SP-LAMP-024 projector lamp contains mercury and should not be thrown into regular garbage. Recycle your used lamps!

Reset the projector lamp timer

Infocus-IN26_projector_Sanyo_SP-LAMP-024_reset_projector_lamp_timerAfter replacing the InFocus SP-LAMP-024 projector lamp be sure to reset the lamp hours. Failure to do so will mean your InFocus IN26 projector will NOT TURN ON.

  • Open the MAIN menu. Press SELECT
  • Scroll down to the SERVICE menu.
  • Scroll down to RESET LAMP HOURS.
  • Lamp hours will be reset to zero.

Tips for longer lamp life

  • Keep your air filters clean to avoid overheating the projector.
  • Turn off the InFocus IN26 projector and let it stand for at least one hour ever 24 hours.
  • Make sure there is enough airflow around the projector particularly if it’s been permanently mounted.
  • Top tips for extending DLP projector lamp life

6 reasons to avoid generics:

Learn the 7 Ways to spot a counterfeit lamp.

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