Your quick guide to a new ASK DP-6155 XGA projector lamp

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DP-6155 XGA projector, ASK Proxima LAMP-031

DP-6155 XGA projector

The projector lamp for the ASK DP-6155 XGA projector lamp will run for approximately 1500-2000 hours before needing to be replaced.
When the ASK Proxima LAMP-031 lamp is approaching end of life the ALARM indicator will light up red.

Buying the right lamp

The correct lamp to use is the ASK Proxima LAMP-031. Be sure to install a genuine ASK Proxima LAMP-031 and avoid generic knock-off lamps. Even though they appear to be a bargain, these so-called “compatible” can end up costing more in the long run. These lamps are prone to explosion and have been created using the carcinogenic substance Krypton-85.

Using a counterfeit generic lamp can damage the sensitive components since these knock-off lamps have not been created with the correct components and can cause malfunction. The light provided by these lamps is also substandard with poor illumination.
Installing a generic lamp will also void any warranty for your ASK DP-6155 XGA projector. Go with an authentic ASK Proxima LAMP-031 OEM lamp sold by a dependable seller. Learn the 7 Ways to spot a counterfeit lamp.

Replacing the ASK Proxima LAMP-031 lamp

DP-6155 XGAlamp cover, ASK Proxima LAMP-0311. Disconnect the power cord and allow the projector to cool for one hour before replacing the lamp. The ASK DP-6105 XGA operates under high heat and can cause burns.
2. The lamp lid for the ASK DP-6105 XGA is found on the bottom of the projector. Be sure to protect the top of the projector before turning it over to access the ASK DP-6105 XGA lamp. DP-6105 XGA lamp, ASK Proxima LAMP-031
3. Unscrew the three safety screws holding the ASK Proxima LAMP-031 lamp holder in place.
4. Gently grab the lamp holder and pull the ASK Proxima LAMP-031 out of the projector. Be sure to dispose of the used ASK Proxima LAMP-031 lamp through a local recycling program. Don’t throw this lamp into regular garbage as it contains mercury.
5. Inset the new ASK Proxima LAMP-031 lamp all the way into the ASK DP-6105 XGA unit. Tighten the three screws that hold the ASK Proxima LAMP-031 lamp in place. You’re now ready to reset the lamp timer.

Reset the lamp timer

In order for the ASK DP-6155 XGA to correctly track the lamp life of your newly installed ASK Proxima LAMP-031 lamp, you’ll need to reset the

DP-6105 XGA lamp reset menu, ASK Proxima LAMP-031 DP-6105 XGA lamp reset icon, ASK Proxima LAMP-03
Reset the lamp timer:

  • Open the MENU system.
  • Scroll down to BASIC. Press ENTER.
  • Scroll down to ADVANCED. Press ENTER.
  • Scroll down to SERVICE. Click on LAMP TIMER RESET. Click on YES.


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