Sony KDL-40S3000

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Sony launches a new KDL-40S3000 is 40” Bravia S series LCD Flat panel HDTV with 10 bit display panel and processing. It is soak in stunning colors, spectacular details and gorgeous design. Because of the Bravia Engines you can experience full digital video processor and can notice the improved colors and much sharper details. This HDTV features HDMI and PC connectivity for an uncompressed and all digital audio video integration which will enlarge the capacity of PCs and projectors. It has extraordinary light sensors that adjust the screen brightness to comfy the person watching television.

Features of KDL-40S3000:

Bravia Engine (Full Digital Processor):

Bravia Engines are used by Sony TV for crispy and clear images. Along with this few special picture enhancement technologies are integrated into the processor to create better progression, improved contrast and dynamically superior performance. It has digital noise circuit that reduces black noise and mosquito noise by pixel level filtering. Digital contrast enhancer is used to improve contrast by boost up all regions from dark to bright.

Live color Creation:

This is the unique feature of Sony that accomplishes precise wide color reproduction with the Advanced Chroma signal processing. The effect of this brings you whole natural green, blue, and other combination as if they are original.

DMe compatibility:

DMe compatibility permits you to connect all the new products that are developed by Sony.

Theater Sync:

Once you connect Theater sync it gives you a hassle free and timesaving, easy powering up, changing signal routing and adjusting other functions to simple push of one button.

Internet video link:

This provides the direct broadband connection to your television with Internet Video link Module.

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