Mitsubishi DLP Replacement GUIDE. Where is the lamp in my DLP TV?!?

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First of all, if you are looking for a replacement lamp for your Mitsubishi DLP TV, take a look at for the best possible price:
Now, where is your lamp located?  For some Mitsubishi’s, including the WD-52525, WD-52725, WD-62525, and WD-62725 models, it is located under the front speaker cover.  There are a few models where the lamp is located at the rear of the TV, but we will have a separate guide for those TVs later.
The following information is directly from Mitsubishi’s User Manual:
If you would like to download the two page guide, click here:


Replacing the Lamp Cartridge
Tool needed: Philips screwdriver

1) Turn the television off and unplug the AC Cord

2) Remove the plastic cover (this is the cover just below the screen that goes all the way across the front of the TV) and set aside with the screws.

3) Locate the lamp housing access door.  Using a philips screwdriver, remove the three screws (one on the left and two on the right side) that hold the recessed plastic cover in place.

4) Remove the plastic cover and set aside with the screws.

5) After removing the cover, you will be able to see the lamp cartridge.  With the scewdriver, loosen the three scews of the cartridge.  The three scews will not completely remove.

6) Gently grasp the metal handle and pull straight out (towards you). If you’re purchased a completely new enclosure continue to step #7.  If you are swapping out your old lamp in favor of a new lamp, visit and select the approperiate lamp guide.  Then continue to step #7 after swapping out lamps.

7) Insert the new lamp cartridge securely into the TV. Do not touch the glass surface of the cartidge.

8) With the screwdriver, tighten the scews on the lamp cartridge.

9) Replace the plastic cover and screws.

10) Snap the speaker grill back into place by pushing in into place on each side with the palm of your hand.

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