Samsung HCJ655W 65-Inch Rear-Projection HDTV

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The Samsung HCJ655W is a high definition television having a 65-inch screen size when measured diagonally. Although Samsung has been late to join the rear projection market, they have made plenty of progress thereafter. This set is Samsungs top of the line digital television. Digital television means that the set receives and decodes the signals from the broadcaster internally. The set displays all input signals with a display resolution of 1080 interlaced lines.

To get the best picture though, it is better to connect the set to your system. As far as the performance of the set is concerned, the picture is very accurate. The black levels are very deep and are quite consistent. The colors decoded by the set are natural and accurate although the images do seem to be very slightly bluish. The calibration of the set really improves the performance to a great extent which makes it worth the trouble. The display is slightly grainny and is the only problem that is worth mentioning.

The set offers plenty of inputs to attach your devices to and yet have plenty of them being empty. The menu system of the set is very attractive and easy to use and has most of the functions and controls, which a user may require to get the optimum performance. The remote too is very well designed and fits into the hands very nicely. The major buttons can be located very easily without having to look for them.

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