Replacing the Toshiba TDP-S20 projector lamp

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Toshiba_TDP-S20_projector_replacement_lamp_Toshiba_TDP-S20This guide shows you how to quickly replace the Toshiba TDP-S20 projector lamp.

Buy authentic and be prepared

It may be confusing trying to find the Toshiba TDP-S20 projector lamp because there are so many choices out there. But not all lamps are created equal. In order to keep all the sophisticated optics working in your Toshiba TDP-S20 projector you need to install an authentic OEM projector.
Find this lamp on Amazon from an authorized dealer:
Toshiba TLP-LV4 Projector Assembly with High Quality Original Bulb Inside

Look for the seal of approval. You can avoid the toxic chemicals in counterfeits as well as damage to your eyesight (often counterfeits forego the guards that protect your eyesight from the UVA rays). Counterfeits also have a much shorter life and are prone to exploding. For the few dollars saved buying counterfeit, they usually end up costing you more in the end. Go with authentic.

End of life warning signs

When the Toshiba TDP-S20 projector lamp is running out of time after 3,000 hours of use, you’ll notice the picture has poor color quality or may appear dimmer than usual. When the projector lamps reaches the end of life the bulb icon will appear and a message “Replace your lamp” appears. The lamp indicator will also start blinking red. Replace the lamp immediately when these signs appear.

Installing the projector lamp

Your Toshiba TDP-S20 uses the Toshiba TLP-LV4 projector lamp. Follow these important safety tips before changing the projector lamp:

  • Switch off the power to the projector by pressing the Power/Standby button.
  • After waiting 30 seconds, disconnect the power cord.
  • Allow the projector to cool down for at least 30 minutes. If should be cool to the touch. The Toshiba TDP-S20 projector runs using high temperatures and you can burn yourself badly if you don’t allow it to cool down.

Loosen the two screws holding the lamp cover in place then pull up with your fingers  to remove the lamp cover. If you find this too difficult then use a flat screwdriver to loosen the cover. Place the cover to one side. Don’t lose the screws or the cover as the projector will not turn off unless the cover is properly placed back into the projector.
Loosen the two screws holding the Toshiba TLP-LV4 projector lamp in place, and pull on the handle to remove the lamp.
NOTE: Recycle the burnt out Toshiba TLP-LV4 properly as these lamps contain mercury. Never throw the used lamp into regular garbage.
Get the new Toshiba TLP-LV4 replacement lamp ready. Align the orientation, press down until the bottom is reached, and screw the two lamp locking screws in place.  Avoid touching the glass bulb as this can damage the lamp and cause black spots to appear on the screen.
Replace the lamp cover. You are now ready to reset the lamp timer.

Reset the replacement projector lamp timer

Each time you change the lamp you need to reset the lamp timer. Failure to do so may cause the projector to use the lamp over the recommended period of 3000 hours time resulting in the projector lamp exploding. To reset the lamp timer:

  1. Plug in the power cord.
  2. Turn on the Toshiba TDP-S20 projector
  3. Press and hold the On/Standby, Menu and Input projector buttons at the same time. Don’t use the same buttons on the remote control as this will not reset the timer. Only the buttons on the projector will reset the lamp timer.

Learn more tips for extending the projector lamp life in your Toshiba TDP-S20 projector.



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