JVC D-ILA HD-56FH96 56 inch HDTV

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The JVC HD-56FH96 is a high definition television, which has a screen size of 56 inches when measured diagonally and uses JVC’s highly acclaimed D-ILA technology. The cabinet of the set has a very thin bezel and is fully black in color.

The JVC HD-56FH96 has a full display resolution of 1920 by 1080, which is also known as 1080p and is the highest native display resolution available today. Surprisingly though even if it can display 1080p, it does not accept the input signals at 1080p, which is a real disappointment. In this case, the input signals are upconverted to 1080p to be displayed with the full display resolution.

The colors produced by the set were outstanding in all the tests that were conducted. Although it was brilliant during a few of the tests, overall the set lacked consistency. Te picture was quite sharp but it was also very dark especially in the shadows and offered minimal details. The vertical viewing angles were also very narrow compared to most other sets. The remote is fully functional and has plenty of buttons to help the viewer get the best possible output. Thank fully all the buttons are backlit which makes the remote easy to use in the dark.

The set is priced at more than $3000. The fact that the set does not accept 1080p is too much of a void for it to fill and really does not offer much value for money.

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