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The RCA HD61THW263 is a rear projection television, which uses the DLP technology and has a 50-inch screen size. The RCA HD61THW263 has enough style and punch to catch your attention. The cabinet looks outstanding with the speakers placed on either sides of the screen. The screen is surrounded by a very small frame, which is hardly visible from a distance.

The set created a lot of stir in the market and not unduly considering that it occupies less than 7 inches in depth while other DLP TV sets are still are hovering around 15 inches mark. If the depth has you wondering then let it be known that the set weighs a measly 135 pounds which is comparable with a plasma which is normally just 4 to 5 inches in depth. The set produces high quality images with saturated colors and high detail.

The inputs are housed beneath a panel at the side of the set, which keeps them out of sight yet easily accessible. The set has plenty of input interfaces so that you can connect all the devices that you want to and yet have plenty of them left empty. The remote has plenty of buttons and is illuminated which will have many users breathing a sigh of relief. The provision of the CableCard slot enables the user to watch cable TV without having to buy external set top boxes.

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