Sony Qualia 006 70 inch SXRD RPTV

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The Sony Qualia 006 is a rear projection television, which has a screen size of 70 inches when measured diagonally and uses the SXRD technology. As it is you need to shell out quite a bit of money when it comes to buying a set having a screen size of 70 inches. On top of that, the Sony Qualia 006 is one of the top end models and had a price tag of $13000 at the time of release. This certainly makes it one of costliest and is perhaps an option only for the rich. The first thing that comes to your mind when you take a first look at the set is that it is big, really big. The Sony Qualia 006 has an aspect ratio of 16:9 and has a native resolution of 1920 by 1080. Even when kept in a large room, it makes the room seem to be significantly smaller.

Overall, the front side of the cabinet has been given a very clean look. Primarily the cabinet is silver in color and a black bezel is used to house the screen. The huge size also makes the set very heavy, 273 pounds to be precise without the stand. This can make installing or moving the set very difficult. Overall the HDTV broadcasts were fantastic and offered high level of details although the detail levels could have been much better. is among the nation’s largest plasma and LCD TVs replacement parts providers. If you need replacement PCBs, remotes, outer cases, stands, or anything else related to Plasma and LCD TV’s, visit

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